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Political Signs

Running for office this fall? Supporting a candidate you deeply believe in? Want to join in the political conversation? We’re called Job Signs of America, with an emphasis on “America,” and our vibrant democracy.

It may seem like the internet is the center of politics now, but voters still get a majority of their information from TV and signs in public places. Don’t underestimate the power of seeing a politician’s name and message when you’re walking down the street or stopped in your car at a long red light.

Name Recognition

Name recognition is important, especially in a crowded field. Let’s be honest, despite all your efforts, there’s a good chance some people will vote without knowing much about any candidate. He may only know your name – and that would be enough! Every vote counts.

Show You Care

Your political opinion is important. You want to be a part of the conversation. If you’re running for office, you want your supporters to be a part the chorus of empowered voices.

Putting up a sign with your chosen candidate shows your neighbors you care. It shows them you take an active interest in the world around you, and the processes that define our laws and community.

Be A Winner

Everyone loves a winner. And since it’s hard to gauge how well a candidate is doing until the actual day of the election, political yard signs are a great way to visually show you’re being supported. It’s like a poll that potential voters will see every day as they move about the world.


Though it’s hard to for many people to believe, some voters can know all there is to know about the candidates, and still not make up their mind until the last minute. Show these wafflers that you and your candidate mean business. Your candidate isn’t just in it for vanity – he or she is out to win.

Your Supporters

Political signs are a great way to reassure all the hard working volunteers on your campaign the selfless work they do has meaning. It can be emotionally draining to support a candidate and worry he or she won’t win. By having your name plastered around town, your people will know they are making a difference both in this campaign, and in the community they live in.

Your Message

The most important thing to remember about political signs is that they don’t just have to have your name and party. A great political sign will also have the short phrase that defines both the candidate and his or her campaign. You can stick to the tried and true designs with a name in red, white, and blue, but you can also get creative and design an eye-popping sign to grab the voters’ attention. What you stand for can be just as important as who you are.

Political Yard Signs

There are many ways to promote your campaign – the internet, television, town hall meetings, going door-to-door, etc. These are all great strategies, but they are fleeting compared to a sturdy sign with your candidates name on it. Order a political yard sign from Job Signs of America today!